Q1: In one sentence. What is Galactic Conquerors?

In Galactic Conquerors you command powerful armies and lead them to conquer distant galaxies.

Q2: What playmodes does Galactic Conquerors have?

Single player campaigns, when the product is at version 1.0, and skirmish maps. Alongside you’re able to play skirmish maps up to eight players in online and hot-seat mode

Q3: Online? Do you provide servers?

Not at this point in short. We create the game so that you can host your own servers even if our own servers would be lost in the future. With this we wish to expand the lifetime of the game. In the future we will take a look at matchamking system and after this we’ll return to subject

Q4: How is Galactic Conquerors different?

The main goal for the game is to provide a fast gameplay mechanics to the old systems used in turn based strategies. With our mechanics in the game, you’re able to play the game instead of just waiting.

Q5: What platforms do you support?

Officially we support Windows and OSX platforms. Linux build is not tested throughly so we don’t provide the builds for the Linux at the moment. You can request a copy from contact@kinahmigames.com. We’re also looking to expand the game to other platforms as well, but they’re coming in the far future.

Q6: Sounds neat, where can I try it?

Absolutely! Head over to IndieDB and download the game. We update the demos from time to time and they’re always posted to IndieDB first!

Q7: Can I make a video about the game?

Yes, we don’t limit the creations of the gamers. As long as you don’t request any kind of a payment or donation for downloading the game, you’re free to create your things with the game.

Q8: Pay? Isn’t this free?

At the moment yes. In the future we’ll be selling this in the distribution channels (announced later) as our team has worked for two years in this project without salaries