Several different ways to play Galactic Conquerors

Do you prefer to play with your friends or alone? Choose from several different play modes that Galactic Conquerors has to offer!

With our map mechanics, you’re able to play, and in the future create, maps of different sizes. Looking for just a quick match? Try maps that only consist of one short battle, like an arena. Something in between perhaps? Try one of the three player maps against AI or human players!

Single player campaigns and skirmish maps

Hanging out by yourself? Take one of the skirmish maps and play a round or two, or play campaigns that’ll tell more about the factions and story of Galactic Conquerors.

Skirmish window


  • Planned: Gramos campaign: The conflict begins (tutorial)
  • Planned: Human campaign: War against the Gramos
  • Third faction campaign will be announced later

Online multiplayer

Devastate your enemies in up to eight-player matches online. Choose your alliance and fight against your enemies, engage in epic battles with several armies!

Online battle