Quick gameplay feature list

  • Fast gameplay: Plan your decisions alongside your opponent and watch them happen at the same time, resulting in lesser waiting times.
  • Fast battles: Your enemies are battling without you? Don’t worry, in Galactic Conquerors you’re able to make your decisions and micromanage your planets and armies, even while the other players are fighting. Maybe try to hijack the battle by bringing your armies to the battle as well?
  • Fully customised: Want to change the time for making decisions and giving orders, or how many turns one battle round lasts? You can do that in the game settings and find the best options for your style of play!
  • Battle online or offline up to eight players as a team or FFA battles
  • Over 60 unique skills and gameplay style
  • Create and share content with the community

Intuitive mechanics

When Galactic Conquerors was planned during mid 2013, the game was meant to respond to the common problems with turn based strategies that the developers saw. One of these was the waiting times players have to suffer as the game grows in players and actions needed per turn. With this in mind, Galactic Conquerors was developed to kill the waiting times, and give players an opportunity to have large maps with well-paced gameplay.


The map where your armies and planets are. Your task as the supreme commander, is to find and conquer other planets and defeat enemy armies, though there are alternative ways to victory as well.

Movements happen simultaneously, which directs you and yours enemies alike to think differently. You don’t just respond to the actions of your opponent on that turn, but you have to think ahead on what they might do, and how that will affect your situation.


In Galactic Conquerors, you are no longer limited to single-battle mechanics. You’re able to hijack battles by bringing your armies into a battle between other players, or enforce your own troops. You’re able to launch battles where all of your 20 armies can be in one massive battle, enabling you to crush your enemies. Careful, though. Keeping many armies gets costly…


With over 60 unique skills you have a variety of options how to create your way to counter opponents. Choose a commander and improve it by using Galactic Tokens to create a devastating unit to help your armies to victory. Be careful though, many basic units have skills that can easily counter you if you don’t know your enemy.
Skill picture
Commander skills